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22 February 2011 @ 07:11 pm
Streaming Videos (RAW)&Graphics: Episode 9 & 10  
You can watch 9 and 10 here.

These video's are RAW, and subs will be coming soon this week! Watch out folks!

For those who want to watch the subbed videos, enjoy these graphics below! But don't look at them if you are a person who doesn't like spoilers!


cr: changmin-lord-of-chaos@tumblr

cr: holovemin@tumblr

cr: miszchangmin@tumblr

cr: happytvxq@tumblr

cr: frekkenbok@tumblr


You can see more pictures here

Please comment if you are taking any!
Disclaimer: these aren't mine. These are graphics made from people from tumblr!

Paradise Ranch, HWAITING~! ♥
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