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Spazz/Rant: Episode 9 & 10

Alright so this post is for you guys to spazz and rant about episode 9 and 10. Not 1 or 2 or whatever. Obviously -.-;;. If you want me to make spazz/rant posts from past episodes, please tell me and comment on below!!

Remember to be kind and follow the rules! You can refer back to the rules on the profile page!

Be nice and happy spazzing/ranting~!

^LOL how about ranting about how hot this picture is for starters?! xD
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Streaming Videos/Download videos (RAW): Episode 7 & 8

Hello members! From now on, I'm going to post news about the latest episodes (7 and 8). Good news! Episode 7 & 8 are up!
You can watch both episodes here:
Jacinda Entertainment (episode 7 only)

You can download them here:
Episode 7
Clover AVI RAW
XviD-Baros AVI RAW

Episode 8
Option A RAW
Option B RAW

If you want anymore RAW video options, please tell me! I'll post another post once the download for episode 7 & 8 w/ English subtitles is available!

Happy Watching!

-[MOD] smileb0x

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Welcome to Paradise Ranch!

Hello guys! We are just midway through this drama, and I haven't seen anyone make up a community for it. So I decided to make one just for Paradise Ranch!
Alright, so, since this is the opening post, I must remind you to read the rules. That is all I ask!
You also may ask any questions or send any comments to me, if you have any!
Hope you guys have fun!

-[MOD & Founder] smileb0x